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Fixed Price Servicing

Book a Mercedes-Benz basic ‘A’ Service from $269* or basic ‘B’ Service from $449*.
 When it comes to servicing with certainty, you can rest assured. Our state-of-the-art facilities and trained technicians are committed to providing the highest standards of service and expertise, keeping your investment running at optimum performance – just as it was designed.

Disclaimer: Basic ‘A’ and ‘B’ Fixed Price Servicing offer applies to eligible model Mercedes-Benz cars over three years not subject to current service plan. ‘A’ Service and 'B' Service offers only for items covered under A180 ‘A’ Service/ ‘B’ Service respectively. Items not included in ‘A’ or ‘B’ Service are an additional cost to owner. Visit for further details. Mercedes-Benz may modify the terms of this promotion due to events beyond its reasonable control. Offer ends 31 December 2018.

What is the cost of a Mercedes-Benz Standard Service? Examples for "A" and "B" Service below*

Example modelYearMaximum fixed price
for A Service
Maximum fixed price
for B Service
A170 (W169)2004 - 2012$269^$449^
B 180 (W245)2005 – 2011$269^$592^
C200 (W203)2001 – 2007$299^$567^
E250CDI (W207)2009 – 2016$325^$509^
ML320 CDI (W164)2005 – 2015$459^$639^
S 350 CDI (W221)2007 – 2013$389^$659^

*Contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer for fixed cost servicing prices on other models. 

^ Covers items included in A & B basic service only. Items not included in the A & B basic service are an additional cost to the owner. Prices set out in this matrix are capped prices. Prices may vary across different Mercedes-Benz dealers. Prices including GST.

Exculde G Wagon

What is included in a Mercedes-Benz "A" and "B" Basic Service?

What is included in a Mercedes-Benz
"A" Basic Service?
What is included in a Mercedes-Benz
"B" Basic Service?
Engine oil and filter changeEngine oil & filter change
All engine and brake fluid level checksWasher fluid change
All lights interior and exteriorCombination filter change (where required)
Checking functionality of the wiper and wash systemCheck condition of suspension struts
Visual brake and tyre inspection and adjustment of tyre pressure including spareCheck condition of steering and tie rods
Check coolant concentrationRemove and install wheels
Full Xentry Diagnostic checkCheck operation of all exterior lights
Other additional checks (where required)